Next BGO release.

I Capricorn
And I Love You So

Although I’ve not heard anything officially from BGO I believe that the label will release ‘I Capricorn / And I Love You So’ on October 4th.  Although these two albums have previously been remastered and released by EMI on CD I’m sure that BGO will once again remaster them and hopefully also include bonus tracks.  It is advertised to pre-order on HMV Japan which is usually the first site to have pre-orders and is very reliable.

I had heard that ‘The Magic Is You’ was to be their next release but that has obviously changed.  I hope we will eventually get it.  Anyway let’s hope this release will be as outstanding as their previous ones.

I’ve now seen it for pre-order on Amazon Germany so it does appear to be the next release.

It is now also available to pre-order on Amazon uk.

BGO CD Cover.

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #113

This week is the second of three requests from John, who reminds us
that certain songs really have to be experienced live. He suggests
“Till” as an example of this, and it is with pleasure that I play for
you today a live version of this song from Shirley’s Talk Of The Town
concert in 1972. I hope you enjoy it John.

Till (1972 Live)