Golden Dame in Wales!

Dame Shirley in Wales

Last night Dame Shirley appeared in ‘Welcome To Wales’ concert for the Ryder Cup 2010.  Dressed in a stunning gold gown she enthralled the audience with 3 songs and received a standing ovation.  She did however stick to the familiar – ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and ‘Big Spender’ – although fans were hoping she would sing something from her latest album.  Other people appearing included Katherine Jenkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Below are some photos with special thanks to Astrid and Jonas.

Back view of gown!

The cape!

Shirley Bassey DBE

Today a request from Jill. She wanted to see the video again of Shirley’s DBE. from 2000.
I have a few clips from several British TV.stations but also found a clip from the Welsh TV. where the people from Cardiff tell how proud they are of Dame Shirley! The video starts with a clip from “Another Audience with Dame Shirley Bassey” where Shirley tells how she found out she was going to be made a Dame.
Shirley said in an interview that the tittle made her more approachable because people now call her Dame Shirley instead of miss Bassey (Never say Dame Bassey!).

To be honoured with a Damehood in the British Commonwealth is a great honour. The awards are as follows:

MBE Member of the British Empire
OBE Order of the British Empire
CBE Commander of the British Empire (Dame Shirley got her CBE in 1994)
DBE Dame Commander of the British Empire
KBE Knight of the British Empire

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #117

This week I’m responding to a lovely kind message from Lydia.

 “Hello there, I love this blog so much. Thank you for all of your efforts. You do Dame Shirley proud I am sure. I  have fallen in love with a beautiful song named I’m not Anyone by Dame Shirley. I wonder if you could post it Astrid for all to hear. It has such a lovely sentiment and she sings it from her heart.  From what I can tell in the 9 months that I have been a fan, she has endured quite a lot, whether it be the cruel side of the press or racism or the loneliness that superstardom brings. She is asurvivor. I love her for it. I love the message of this song.  I wonder if there are any different versions of it, and if there are any live performances?  Thanks for all the joy you share.”

 I am delighted to play for you the studio recording of “I’m Not Anyone” though sadly I don’t have any live recording of this song.


I’m Not Anyone

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #116

Today I’m delighted to play a request of Terence, who has asked that play the disco version of Moonraker.

 He said: “I have not heard it since I last watched the movie when it was first released. I have forgotten how it sounds like.”

 I hope that you enjoy reliving this often overlooked recording.

CD Image

Moonraker End Title