Today a wonderful video appeared on YouTube of “Something” where you can see Shirley walk through Sydney (Australia). “Something” is one of Dame Shirley Bassey’s biggest hits from the seventies. Audrey sent us some great and very interesting newspaper clippings all about  “Something”  (From the George Webb collection). I hope you all enjoy reading them. I apologise for the quality of the newspaper clippings but keep in mind that they have been kept for 40 years!

3 thoughts on “Something”

  1. This is a wonderful video and article. Especially the one that says she does not cry on stage. I love the beef she had with Harrison too. I love reading these old articles because though I am a new fan( I’ll be a year old at the end of next month:)) it helps me to see a little bit of the personality of the young Dame Shirley. I heard Dame Shirley say on an interview that How do you keep the music playing was her first video. But this video would qualify as a video though she is not actually singing in it. It is great to see Dame Shirley just doing ordinary things like rushing to cross the street. Thx Pieter!


  2. This video is very interesting as you can see Shirley with her mouth closed and in rather sad mood, i enjoyed watching it and i’m grateful that you provided the newspaper articles once again, i love to read them, thanks!


  3. Thanks Pieter for uncovering this video item.
    I had heard about it and never thought it would be found
    she did this in New Zealand as well that same year around Mission bay in Auckland and it played here for about 3 years as a musical interlude
    no archivist has had luck hunting it down though , I have tried believe me .


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