DSB on The Big Breakfast

Today I am playing Lydia’s last request. So I am ready to accept new request from viewers of the blog!

It is possible that I missed a few requests because I lost many emails due to problems with my computer some weeks ago.

So if I missed out on a request, please send it again!

In (December) 1993, a very busy year for Dame Shirley, she was on “The Big Breakfast” with Paula Yates and here you can watch the video. CLICK HERE please.

Paula Yates was a Welsh TV-celebrity in Britain, as famous for her high-profile romances and personal problems as for her professional talents. She grew famous in the 1980s as a saucy host and presenter on TV’s The Tube and later on The Big Breakfast, where she interviewed celebrity guests in bed.

3 thoughts on “DSB on The Big Breakfast”

  1. Thank you Pieter! This has got to be the most diverse interview I have ever seen of DSB. I think that is why I like it so. A real treat to see it again, after a long time. Thanks Pieter!


  2. Thank you Lydia for reminding me of this. And THANK you Pieter for finding.

    Pieter, as you seem to me “caught up” with requests, may I add a couple? I will try. The first is on the occasion of Dame Shirley receiving her DBE from Her Majesty on July 19 2000.

    My second request is of a Graham Norton show, I think in May 2003. It was in three parts. One Dame Shirley sang; one DSB “flashed” some of her hits on cards and Mr. Norton weaved them into a telephone conversation to some unsuspecting person in the States; the third was when a chef had made a rather splendid cake depicting Dame Shirley and Mr. Norton. The depiction of Mr. Norton was somewhat unflattering!! Dame Shirley ended up with a blue tongue!!




  3. Hi Pieter, Another fantastic interview with DSB which are rare, and this one is particularly great to watch because of its informality and I’ve not seen it before so a big Thank You! Annie x


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