Astrid’s Simply Bassey #117

This week I’m responding to a lovely kind message from Lydia.

 “Hello there, I love this blog so much. Thank you for all of your efforts. You do Dame Shirley proud I am sure. I  have fallen in love with a beautiful song named I’m not Anyone by Dame Shirley. I wonder if you could post it Astrid for all to hear. It has such a lovely sentiment and she sings it from her heart.  From what I can tell in the 9 months that I have been a fan, she has endured quite a lot, whether it be the cruel side of the press or racism or the loneliness that superstardom brings. She is asurvivor. I love her for it. I love the message of this song.  I wonder if there are any different versions of it, and if there are any live performances?  Thanks for all the joy you share.”

 I am delighted to play for you the studio recording of “I’m Not Anyone” though sadly I don’t have any live recording of this song.


I’m Not Anyone

6 thoughts on “Astrid’s Simply Bassey #117”

  1. Thank you so much ASTRID for the beautiful songs and pictures that you share with us….! Tthis blog is part of my daily routine…love it!


  2. Oh how I thank you! It has been a long day, how nice to find this lovely post of my granted request. Thank you Astrid! I really do love this song! Jonas has a fantastic video of it on his Thorneycroft1937 channel on YouTube also. He has masterfully placed the pictures. It too is wonderful.I love the lyric, I’ve toiled a while, but not in vain, I removed the child…the woman remains! I love it. And what a marvelous woman we behold in our Dame Shirley! May she live forever! Thank you Astrid for this gift today.


  3. This song is amazing. When Lydia asked me to make a video for it
    i thought it was nothing special but while putting the photos together i recognized
    what a GREAT song it is!!!
    Perfect shots of DSB, too!


  4. Thank you Astrid – this song gives us all Shirley at her very best – just listen to the timbre of that fantastic voice !! – no one will ever touch this lady for relating beautiful songs with such passion, pathos, feeling, and that power and devotion in the way that Dame Shirley sings. all I can add is really nothing else as her career can never be matched, she is just unique.

    Love to all the DSB Fans and to you Astrid also for the great Blog!
    Michael X


  5. Indeed, she’s not anyone. Looks like this is a song written esspecillay for Dame Shirley
    No she’s not anyone, she is a real entertainer with that real an superb amazing voice.
    The best female performer on record and on stage. Nobody does it like her.


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