Shirley Bassey DBE

Today a request from Jill. She wanted to see the video again of Shirley’s DBE. from 2000.
I have a few clips from several British TV.stations but also found a clip from the Welsh TV. where the people from Cardiff tell how proud they are of Dame Shirley! The video starts with a clip from “Another Audience with Dame Shirley Bassey” where Shirley tells how she found out she was going to be made a Dame.
Shirley said in an interview that the tittle made her more approachable because people now call her Dame Shirley instead of miss Bassey (Never say Dame Bassey!).

To be honoured with a Damehood in the British Commonwealth is a great honour. The awards are as follows:

MBE Member of the British Empire
OBE Order of the British Empire
CBE Commander of the British Empire (Dame Shirley got her CBE in 1994)
DBE Dame Commander of the British Empire
KBE Knight of the British Empire