Golden Dame in Wales!

Dame Shirley in Wales

Last night Dame Shirley appeared in ‘Welcome To Wales’ concert for the Ryder Cup 2010.  Dressed in a stunning gold gown she enthralled the audience with 3 songs and received a standing ovation.  She did however stick to the familiar – ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and ‘Big Spender’ – although fans were hoping she would sing something from her latest album.  Other people appearing included Katherine Jenkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Below are some photos with special thanks to Astrid and Jonas.

Back view of gown!

The cape!

11 thoughts on “Golden Dame in Wales!”

  1. Hi Just thought I would be the first to comment on last nights performance! I travelled from the North of England a long way for three songs! But as always was not disappointed Shirley was truly on form looking fantastic and her voice filling the stadium was awesome!!
    Listening to people in the queue to enter I would say though it was not a Bassey concert 90% of the audience were there purely for our Dame…..let’s just hope these special appearances continue in the abscence of concerts!!!!


  2. Oh how fabulous! She is absolutely Marvelous! Thank you for sharing these pictures. I am sure Jonas is probably on cloud nine today, since this would have been his first time hearing our dear Dame Shirley live. My day will come too. Thank you Astrid and Jonas for the pictures, and David for the post. They are just sizzling with with excitement! It looks like they were really close up too. How cool!


  3. Thank you David and everyone who provied these very wonderfull photographs. Yes, Dame Shirley looks stunning, but then again how can such a talented. hard working person and one so exquisitely beautiful be otherwise??



  4. Great performance of 3 old songs. It would have been appropriate to also have “Girl from Tiger Bay” because we were there in Cardiff.
    TV cameras were recording, when will the show be televised?


  5. I asked all the people from Holland who were going their to make some pictures.
    But these are special. Never seen her perform but hopefully she is going on tour.
    I will wait for that moment (as I have done now for so long).
    And as always, she is looking absolutely marvelous.


  6. The most amazing thing about this performance is that it seems that not a single soul out of all British community managed to (or cared to) press the “record” button and then share the HQ video with the world – with fans like me who are craving for that clip(s)…Am I right to fear we will never see this set?… Please, tell me I am wrong – I am very disappointed and sad – she looked beyond stunning and reportedly sounded awesome (can’t properly judge from the LQ bootleg on youtube)… help, anyone?…if you did record that, ladies and gentlemen and don’t know how to upload it, I am sure you have some tech-inclined friends who will help you through – it’s so easy, it’s 2010 out there, folks!


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