The Beatles Philharmonic Tribute

Dame Shirley Bassey performed at the Royal Albert Hall on the 28th. of October for the 50th. anniversary concert of the Beatles Philharmonic Tribute. Here are a few clips from YouTube for there was no official tv. recording. Dame Shirley looked very relaxed and looked and sounded great. She took time for the fans and received lots of flowers at the end of her performance. For more pictures CLICK HERE.

Here is a selection of the photos superfan Julie sent us. Julie wrote: She looks amazing. I have just got back from London where I saw Dame Shirley at the Royal Albert Hall. I went to the stage during the finale and Dame Shirley came to me, had a little chat and I got a hug and a kiss. I have some great close up photos and will try and send them to the blog. ‘Shirley you were amazing last night. You brought the house down’.

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #120

This week I’m fulfilling a request for Philip.

“Can I make a request please for a song which I think is very rarely requested, if at all, and one which has been lost in the mist of time. It’s on her 1961 album Shirley Bassey. This album, along with Garland’s Carnegie Hall live concert recording was voted the best album of the year. The song is “Goodbye Lover, Hello Friend”

Thank you so much Philip for your request and for your generous comments.

Goodbye Lover, Hello Friend

DSB at Fashion For The Brave

Dame Shirley attended Fashion For The Brave at The Dorchester last night.  Below are some photos of Shirley arriving at the event.

In the rain!
As stunning as ever!
Radiant DSB

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #119

Today I’m fulfilling a request received from fellow German Jonas.
“Es würde es mich freuen, wenn du vom neuen Album Lied 4 “I Love You Now” spielen könntest. Dieses Lied ist nicht auf YouTube und bisher habe ich von keinem Fan gehört, dass er es zu seinen Favoriten vom neuen Album zählt. Schade, denn neben No Good AboutGoodbye ist einer meiner absoluten Liedblingssongs von The Performance. Eine wunderbare Ballade, ein richtig typischer Basseysong. Ich denke, nur Shirley könnte dieses Lied singen, es ist ihr halt “auf den Leib geschrieben”.”
And for those of you who didn’t understand, Jonas is asking me to play track 4 from the Performance Album, that is “I Love You Now” – he comments that it doesn’t appear to have been cited as a favourite track from the new album by fans, but it is one of his favourites (along with No Good About Goodbye) – he described it as awonderful ballad and a typical Bassey song that only Shirley could do justice.
I Love You Now