Astrid’s Simply Bassey #118

For this week’s blog I’m responding to a moving message from Jonathan.
“I would like to request a song dedicated to the love of my life. I met this person many years ago when I was too young and foolish to realise what I’d found. Years passed, but my feelings didn’t – the love was always there and is probably stronger now than ever. The shame is that we cannot be together. The song?  This one’s for you. (with my everlasting love x)”
This one’s for you

5 thoughts on “Astrid’s Simply Bassey #118”

  1. I love this song. Thanks Astrid! Thank you Jonathan for the request. It’s heartbreaking. I am sorry. But to feel the emotion is a joy in itself. Dame Shirley sings this very convincingly too. Long Live Dame Shirley!


  2. Definitely one song where DSB should have held back her vocals. Way to much shouting. This One’s For You where ever you are? He would have heard her wherever he was!
    This could have been good, but I’m sorry to say it’s one of her worst recordings.


  3. the Barry Manilow composition , tender moments but uncompromising , the desperation of separation. I remeber rushing home to hear the LP `YOU TAKE MY HEART AWAY` which this comes from all those years ago which I liked apart frpm the daft Paul McCartney song` SILLY LOVE SONGS`. You cannot expect to love every recoding an artist makes especially given the huge diversity of Shirley`s records over the exceedingly long career let us hope she will conyinue to record


  4. I hate this song Silly Love Songs, i do even dislike Shirley’s version because this song is terrible.
    Agree, Shirley recorded so many songs, from classics from the Great American Songbook to Get the party started that it is almost impossible to like all her recordings.


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