DSB on the Bing Crosby show

This is one of the oldest videos we have. It is from the 11th. of December 1961 and Shirley sings “I’m shooting high & As I love you” on the Bing Crosby Christmas show. The recordings took place in London. I found out that this has been released on DVD.

To order a copy of the DVD CLICK HERE (The DVD has region code 1, for the USA  and will not play on every DVD player)

From the same year the newspaperclips (with special thanks to Rien and Carl). I hope you enjoy them.

To watch the video click on the picture on the left

2 thoughts on “DSB on the Bing Crosby show”

  1. Just wonderful to see these photos of Dame Shirley opening the record shop in West End Lane Hampstead particularly special for me as I was there and Shirley signed a copy of her latest LP “Lets face the music” – which I still have and treasure to this day,I always remember what outfit she was wearing which was an orange fitted suit, she looked wonderful but I was so in awe of her – when it came to speak I seemed lost for words with my idol in front of me. What a happy day it was !!

    Love to all DSB fans everywhere
    Mike x


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