Welcome to Wales -The Ryder Cup-

Dear viewers of the blog. We are the delighted that we are finally able to show you the wonderful performance Dame Shirley gave in Cardiff some weeks ago for the opening of the Ryder Cup. We owe a very special THANKS to Neil for providing us with the HQ video. Unfortunately “Big spender” was edited out. To watch the video CLICK HERE.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Wales -The Ryder Cup-”

  1. P.S. Any chance of the video file to be uploded on any file sharing system like megaupload or others?.. Would be fantastic to have it on PC in nice quality. I know it;s too much to ask…but …maybe?. Would make so many people happy – at least me)))


  2. Again, Pieter, yet another thank you. I had heard about this concert, but here on the wet left coast of Canada, all the coverage we recieved was of a rather bored person, by the name of Tiger Wiilliams. Just loved the rendition of “Land of Our Fathers”. Well yes, I have to admit to a little Welsh blood. Jill


  3. Pieter a correction..make that Tiger Woods. Obviiously I am not a golfer!! Jill (Tiger Williams was one of our (Canadaian) best (ice) hockey players.


  4. Thank you so much for this link, its fantastic to see Shirley this year! She is also appearing at Royal Albert Hall I understand this Thursday 28th, I hope this is still the case. Its a “one off ” appearance celebrating the beatles. It was some time ago that I learnt of this so don’t quote me !?! Annie xx


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