DSB at Fashion For The Brave

Dame Shirley attended Fashion For The Brave at The Dorchester last night.  Below are some photos of Shirley arriving at the event.

In the rain!
As stunning as ever!
Radiant DSB

17 thoughts on “DSB at Fashion For The Brave”

  1. From the top of her head to her perfectly painted big toe she is just toooooo cute! Love the shoes! She totally owns red! Owns iit!!! I love the contented look on her face in the last photo above. It is almost as adorable as the one above in the Bassey Blog banner. That expression of hers is my favorite.
    Give her a shout out for me tomorrow Jonas! I do love her so, she ROCKS! May she live forever!


  2. Woweeeee!!! – Dame Shirley certainly knows how to wow everyone she looked stunning as always – arent we lucky to have such a wonderful Dame as Shirley – long may she continue to give us so much pleasure as she has done over so many years in the past a – real treat for the eyes is Dame Shirley!!!

    Love to all DSB fans everywhere
    Love Mike X


  3. She looks amazing. I have just got back from London where I saw Dame Shirley at the Royal Albert Hall. I went to the stage during the finale and Dame Shirley came to me, Had a little chat and I got a Hug and a kiss. I have some great close up photos and will try and send them to the blog. “”Shirley you were amazing last night you brought the house down”” XX


  4. Julie!!!! You are killing me! A hug and a kiss from Dame Shirley!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you but a little jealous truth be told. Jealous in a good way. Thanks for sharing that joy!!! My day will come! I am sure of it. I only hope I don’t faint from excitement!!! LOL Can’t wait to see the close ups. I just realized today makes a year since I first learned of a Dame Shirley and heard her on YouTube. I have been hooked ever since. Long Live Dame Shirley!


  5. Hi Lydia, its Julie here. I have seen her so many times live and have never had the courage to approach her, She was so lovely. I thanked her for replying to my letters with signed photographs. I am still so overcome. Lydia would it be possible to have your Home address and I would send you copies of the photos also I have a dupiclate concert programme from a few years ago and a couple of flyers I could send to you. I know you really love Dame Shirley. I have since being 6 yrs old (46 yrs ago)!!


  6. Thank you dear Julie. I am overcome with tears of joy for your kindness. What a generous soul you have. God’s Blessings to you Julie! I live about 90 miles from Chicago and feel so far from all the Dame Shirley action. This blog keeps me in the mix, and your kind expression just brought me to a up front and personal place too . I will send you my address shortly. I thank you!!!!!!!!


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