Unheard Interview

Most fans of Dame Shirley know that she normally shunned interviews and limited them to when she had an album or something to promote.  It came as a bit of a shock therefore to see that iTunes and Amazon (appears to be UK only, maybe other sites also) have an album which you can buy to download and included is a previously unheard interview.  Unfortunately on iTunes you have to purchase the whole album for £8.99 to get the interview but it is available to buy on it’s own for £0.79p on Amazon.  It is well worth paying out that small amount to have it.  It was recorded in 1971 but no idea where or who interviewed her.

2 thoughts on “Unheard Interview”

  1. She sounds great! Wow, this was almost 30 years ago. She answered those questions so patiently, though the interviewer kept asking hte same quetstion in different ways. Really nice to hear her expressions. Thanks for the word on the availability of the interview.


  2. The photo shows Shirley wearing the same outfit as here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmjwFYWNlO0

    I commented that this was the closest that Shirley ever appeared as a ‘hippie chick’. Even as a ‘hippie’ she has class.

    A half decade older than the likes of Jagger or McCartney, Shirley was still a traditional pop star during those tumultuous late 60s. The equivalent for Shirley, perhaps, was a little new age influence, which showed itself in the early 70s, particularly with ‘I Capricorn’.


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