Astrid’s Simply Bassey #122

Today, I’m playing for my dear friend Dieter in Hamburg the beautiful song “This Time”.

He wrote to me “It’s time to contact this blog personally. After nearly 40 years as one of the greatest fans of this special lady i like to thank you very much for all the informations and the wonderful pictures you given during the past. After all these time i was so surprised for the newest CD which our special lady gave to us last year. My new time favourite (after “Born To Lose”) is “This Time”written by Gary Barlow.

This Time – Studio Version

This Time – Live In London



8 thoughts on “Astrid’s Simply Bassey #122”

  1. A great song from the new album and one of my favourite more recent DSB photos.
    The Royal Albert Hall live version is much better than the version she sang on the dancing show


  2. Thank you Gary Barlow for that wonderful song written especially for our dear Dame Shirley. As always it’s a magical performance. I close my eyes and try to see DSB
    as I saw her the first time in Antwerp, November 1975. It’s a long time ago but Dame Shirley’s voice improved with the years. I also wonder if there are pictures of Dame Shirley’s performance in Egypt. Star amongst the Pharaos it must have been very impressive. I thank you Astrid and also thank Pieter for all the goodies you bring to us.


  3. I do really love this song. I think it is my favorite from the Performance album, though I love almost all of them. It is a perfect lyric, but without Dame Shirley it would not be the masterpiece it is. I especially love the part where she sings: “No more finding my feet just to fall.” Her phrasing is so great. Thanks Astrid.


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