Astrid’s Simply Bassey #123

For this week’s blog, I’m playing a song for Lydia who kindly wrote to me.
“Hello there dear friends. I love this site so much. I am so grateful
for the years of love and efforts that are represented here. Astrid I
wonder if you havea  version of Dame Shirley singing For Once in My
Lifetime. I know she did sing the Stevie Wonder song for Once in my
Life there is someone who needs me, someone I have needed so long
song. But the one I am talking about starts out Just once in my
lifetime I feel like a giant, I soar like an eagle….  Do you by
chance know the one I mean?  Judy Garland sang this song too.”

The song is “For Once In My Lifetime” and was recorded by Shirley in
the mid-sixties and released on the album “Shirley Stops The Shows”,
she also performed it live at Carnegie Hall in 1964, a recording
released in 1994 as part of the box set “The EMI/UA Years.”

I hope you enjoy listening to these Lydia and my heartfelt thanks for
your kind support.


Once In A Livetime – Shirley Stops The Shows
Once In A Lifetime – Carnegie Hall in 1964