Astrid’s Simply Bassey #124

Today I’m playing a request for Calkum, which is also a great favourite of mine.

Calkum wrote: “Think Of Me from the Does Anybody Miss Me album has always been one of my very favourite DSB numbers,  it is dramatic, the orchestration is wonderful and really is a great example of the records The Dame was making in the Sixties. I do not know if she ever sang it in concert but i bet it would have been a showstopper”

I agree that it would have been a great live song, but I also do not know of any live recording in existence. I hope that you enjoying listening to the studio recording today.

Think Of Me




7 thoughts on “Astrid’s Simply Bassey #124”

  1. In the oft repeated comment the 2 LPS of this time tend to be dismissed as “selling only to the Bassey faithfull” this probably refers primarily to the UK. Shirley was absent from the UK for these years following her marriage to Sergio Novak. In those days there were few radio stations and only three tv channels. If you appeared `live` or appeared on any tv show it had a huge impact as did radio airplay because the exposure was to a vast audience. Shirley also had a different Italian version of the `This is my life` LP. The 2 LPS were rereleased as a double LP `THE SHIRLEY BASSEY COLLECTION` which were the first I purchased in 1972. I have a particular affection for these tracks, bold, dramatic with a fantastic orchestra. There was a lot of emphasis on `AFTER THE RAIN` being a quiet style but listen to `I`TS ALWAYS 4AM`
    and on the subject of quiet songs ` I JUST HAVE TO BREATHE` from 2003.


  2. One of my DSB top ten favourites, amazing performance, a perfect showcase for her voice, i know no other song that conveys the power of her voice like this one.
    Great lyrics and wonderful orchestration.


  3. Yes, I agree Astrid this is a great song and would suit Shirley perfectly. It is a pity she never sang this ‘live’ on one of her concerts.


  4. Wow, this is a grand song! And of course a grand performance too. Very dramatic! Thanks Astrid! Great comment by Terence. I love all of those “quiet” songs, especially After the rain and I think I just have to breathe is just phenomenal. The depth, timing and beauty takes my breath away.


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