New BGO release at last!

I Capricorn/And I Love You So

The latest CD from BGO was scheduled for release on October 4th but never appeared.  I had pre-ordered a copy from BGO’s main site and was hoping I might have got it a few days earlier.  I’m always impatient when a ‘new’ CD is to be issued.  As two weeks had passed after the release date and I hadn’t received my CD I contacted BGO enquiring about it.  I received an email to be informed that there was a problem with production and it would be a further two weeks before it would be available.  I had the option to cancel my order but decided to leave it as I wanted the CD anyway.  Well a little longer than the two weeks (nearly six in fact) the CD has eventually arrived!  The official release date I’ve now seen for this is December 6th in the UK.

This is a 2 CD set packaged as normal in slimline double jewel case with a card slipcase.  I’m not keen on the sleeve design for this one.  There is a booklet enclosed and although very imformative there are no new photos.  Once again I’m very pleased with the quality of the remastering and Shirley’s voice comes over crystal clear.  One of my favourites songs of all time by Shirley is ‘Ballad Of The Sad Young Men’.  I love the orchestration on this recording and love the way she really pronounces the end letter ‘t’ on words such as ‘heart’ and ‘part’.  Unfortunately there are no bonus tracks on this set.  It is a straight remastering of the two original album releases.  It is a nice set to have in the collection and I’m hoping more will follow from BGO.  The album ‘The Magic Is You’ has never been remastered and officially released on CD in the UK.  There was a CD issued many years ago on the ‘EMI Manhattan’ label in the USA.  I’m hoping that BGO may release that album next.  There are still tracks from both the Columbia and UA labels that are waiting to be remastered and released on CD.  I’m hoping for those too.  For the moment I have to be patient and be grateful for this new addition to their catalogue of Bassey material.