DSB on the Top 50 Showbiz Comebacks

Today I would like to share a short clip sent to us by Neil. It is from a programme from 2007 and called “The top 50 showbiz comebacks”. There was an item about Dame Shirley and how she made a comeback in 2007 at the Glastonbury Festival.
Dame Shirley performed, among the standards, “Get the party started” and “The living tree’ the latter written by Nikki and Been from “Never the Bride”.
“Never The Bride” continue to perform lots of successful shows in Europe with plans to travel the world in 2011. Further information about upcoming shows can be found on their website www.neverthebride.com
Below you can see a special message “Never the Bride” wrote for the viewers of this blog.



To watch the video click the picture on the left please.


To watch “Get the party started” CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE
To watch “The living tree” CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

Dame Shirley at the Glastonbury Festival wearing her famous wellies

To read another interesting article CLICK HERE THE RETURN OF THE DIAMOND DAME.

Astrid’s Simply Bassey #121

This week I’m fulfilling a request for my dear friend Audrey, who has
requested The Sea And Sand from the New DVD “On TV” – it is also a
particularly poignant song for me and I hope everyone enjoys it today.

If you haven’t already purchased the new DVD, please click the photo
above right for details.

The Sea And Sand


Unheard Interview

Most fans of Dame Shirley know that she normally shunned interviews and limited them to when she had an album or something to promote.  It came as a bit of a shock therefore to see that iTunes and Amazon (appears to be UK only, maybe other sites also) have an album which you can buy to download and included is a previously unheard interview.  Unfortunately on iTunes you have to purchase the whole album for £8.99 to get the interview but it is available to buy on it’s own for £0.79p on Amazon.  It is well worth paying out that small amount to have it.  It was recorded in 1971 but no idea where or who interviewed her.