‘The Great Shirley Bassey’

The Great Shirley Bassey.

As many of you will already know my great passion are CDs and I collect them from all over the world.  I know that there are no new songs on them but even just for a different sleeve I have to have them.  My family and friends think I am mad but they are not Bassey fans and they just do not understand.  I used to collect vinyl and then cassettes and now it’s CDs.  As there is very little news about Shirley at the moment I thought I would share details of some of them with you.

I have just received ‘The Great Shirley Bassey’ from the Philippines (Sleeve pictured above).  A nice CD on the ‘Dyna’ label.  I have no idea if it is a recent release as there is no release date on it but I guess it is.  It comes in a jewel case and then a card slipcase.  There are 20 tracks on it, 9 from the ‘All By Myself’ album and the other 11 are original recordings from EMI/UA catalogue.

Track Listing.

The quality is very good.  It cost US $24.99 plus postage which wasn’t particularly cheap.  It is a nice CD to add to the collection though.