Excuse me

(Article from the George Webb collection)

For this blog I would like to review once more this great song “Excuse me” (From the album “Something else”) requested by some fans recently. Apparently it was Shirley’s favourite song of the album.

I remember when I uploaded it first to YouTube when almost nobody had seen or knew the song. It was one of those hidden Dame Shirley treasures. Never a big hit but a real Shirley Bassey song that she nailed.  It was one of the most discussed songs on YouTube especially by viewers who did not know much about her. Another song that had a similar impact was “Somehow” from the “Never, never, never” album and was sung at the Royal Albert Hall concert in 1973.

So here are the two versions we have on video. One is from the 1972 ” Talk of the town” concert and the other one from the  British-German documentary “All about Shirley” .

In the 1972 version of  “This is your life” Liberace tells how he was almost arrested because he listened to this song.

To watch Liberace on the show CLICK HERE

Excuse Me
Written by the Addrisi Brothers: Don Addrisi and Dick Addrisi.

Released 1971 on the album Something Else.

The song is available on CD on the re-released Something Else album.

This song had been released in the 1960’s as a single by Kiki Dee (Pauline Matthews), but failed to make the charts.


Excuse me
But would you repeat that phrase
I could have sworn I heard you say
You don’t care no more

Excuse me
But I can’t believe my ears
You mean after all these years
You just don’t care no more

You can’t mean it
Please look at me and say
That we’re really through
Oh I see it
Now you look at me that way
Suddenly I know it’s true

Excuse me
I can’t seem to find the door
And my feet don’t find the floor
For my legs are numb and weak
And my throat ‘s too dry to speak
But my heart wants so to scream
For this nightmare’s not a dream
You don’t care no more
You don’t care no more
You just don’t
Care no more

(Transcribed by Roman and Marc)

And now to watch these wonderful performances
click the picture on the left.

6 thoughts on “Excuse me”

  1. This is one of the few songs I have not grown to like, till now.
    Somehow from Never Never Never is much better in my opinion.
    Thanks for the different versions and articles.


  2. This song was so sad and powerful for those who lost their lovers. Just listen to the music and words that really broke the singer heart. Tears jerking and our great Dame Shirley Bassey delivered it with perfect performance. Just looked at the musical director and Shirley arms were raised in harmony and in rhythm at the end of the song. They were like magic and no wonder they compliment each other by just kissing and hugging… Five stars for me. Thanks for up loading and I enjoyed it….


  3. I always loved this on the album one of my favourite songs, so powerful and I hoped she would sing it in the concerts I went to, but I can see why she didn’t, it’s too emotional for her and the audiance but thanks for showing this.

    I did get to see her live in Melbourne 1978 singing Born to Lose which made both my Mom and I cry.
    Great Memories

    She’s still the Greatest.


  4. ‘Excuse Me’ is a little too camp for me. It’s overwrought (even for DSB) and the sentiment is too cliche. On the other hand, “Somehow” is a hidden gem. Over the years, it has come to be one of my favorites in her catalog and the Royal Albert Hall performance of that song is epic. I think it is the one that best showcases her phenomenal vocal power and electrifying stage presence.


  5. When Shirley delivers “you just don`t” at the end still stuns me on each viewing. I know the incredible concentration,power and timing to sing that to such devasting effect. I disagree that it is overwrought since it starts quietly… fear, disbelief,denial, realisation of a love of many years lost forever, listen to the TALK OF THE TOWN audience. I have never forgotten this show as it was broadcast on Boxing night and we had a housefull of family and visitors. I had to plead for it to be on and then was made fun of all the way through.Earlier in the year (1972) aged only 15 I had been to see Shirley at the Royal Albert HALL, and saved my Saturday job money for weeks. There were rail strikes on as well. Many youger fans will be unaware that Shirley did 2 shows a night those days (albeit shorter) so I was allowed to go to the 6pm concert. Two weeks later I went to Portsmouth Guildhall. I wrote to her at UNITED ARTISTS much to the derision of friends & family. They changed their tune when a lovely letter and signed photograph arrived.The generosity of an international star to a 15 year old school boy. These days,if DSB is on the telephones are switched off a glass is raised to a truly great artist.


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