Happy birthday Dame Shirley!

Dear viewers: as you probably all know today is Dame Shirley’s birthday and on behalf of the Blog team I want to wish her a very happy birthday.
I thought it would be nice if the viewers would write a personal note through the comments for Dame Shirley to wish her a happy birthday. So please, don’t hesitate in case you want to send her your own personal message.
In the archives I found this funny horoscope from 37 years ago. I don’t know how much of it became true for her but she was already voted most exciting singer on TV.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

(From the George Webb collection)

And now to join the birthday celebrations click the picture on the left.

18 thoughts on “Happy birthday Dame Shirley!”

  1. I can’t believe she is 74 now.
    Thank you for all the joy you have given so many people during the last decades,
    Dame Shirley!
    I am the luckiest person on the world to have seen you live just once!
    I wish you a very happy birthday Dame Shirley!


  2. “Hello, Dame Shirley! I’m just ringing to wish you a very Happy Birthday – I really hope you enjoy your day. ……. No, I’m not busy this afternoon …. Oooh a little drinks party ….. Sounds delightful …. About 6 you say ….. Yes, I’d be honoured! ….. Sorry – did you say arriving ONLY by private jet or helicopter? ….. aaah well!! ;-))


  3. Happy Birthday Dame Shirley Bassey and have many Happy Returns. Thank You for entertaining us in live concerts as well as in our living rooms. Long live our Queen of love songs.


  4. Many Happy returns of the day to our revered Dame , thought of on this day with affection and respect for the singer as enduring as tjhe diamonds she wears with such aplomb. Hopefully you will sing for us again this year, Terence


  5. My Dear Dame Shirley! 74 in years 29 in mind and body darling! don’t give it all up yet we want a UK tour in 2011, The Performance deserves many concerts!!!!
    Ian xxxxxx


  6. Dame Shirley,

    Happy Birthday to you! You continue to blow my mind, on a daily basis. Please consider coming to Toronto this year!


    Michael O’Hara


  7. To Dame Shirley,
    Not only a Happy Today, I wish you a Happy Every Day and may every day be happy, healthy and safe.
    As where I live the sun is not yet over the yard arm, but later I shall raise a glass, maybe two, just to you.


  8. best wishes,dame shirley. you are simply the best. wishing you could come to usa for carnegie hall revisit..since we are the same age, you give me great inspiration.
    love and good health to you.


  9. Dear Dame Shirley,

    I have always been thrilled, delighted, and moved by the sound of your powerful, emotional, and unbelievable expressive voice. Youtube videos and TV appearances have been the only way I’ve been able to see you perform as I’ve never had the privilege of seeing you live. However, I can truly say that you are one of the greatest singers and performers I’ve ever seen. We have been blessed to have you in our lives and as a tremendous part of our culture!

    From, one Lady Capricorn to another, have a wonderful, fantastic birthday, surrounded by those you love and who love you.

    I can only pray that one day you’ll come back to L.A. or Las Vegas to perform!

    Much Love,
    Hope (from Los Angeles, CA.)

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  10. Dear Dame Shirley
    A very belated birthday wish for you.
    I have been such a huge huge fan for many years and have had the priveledge of seeing you preform many times and over the years you have given all your fans such an awesome amount of joy and i have no doubt all of us wish you continued health and long life and may you keep on doing what you do best.And thats entertaining us as the WORLDS NUMBER 1 # DIVA.
    Your BIGGEST aussi fan x


  11. Dear Dame Shirley,

    I have been smitten with you since I first heard you in an impromptu & stunning performance one evening in Beirut.

    I am not going to wish you happy birthday just for this year because with your voice and style it is a permanent birthday which means you never age.

    With enormous affection & love from our family in OZ. xo

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