Danke schön

For today’s blog I have for you the video I made a few years ago for YouTube of the song ‘Danke schön’. I lost the clip after my YouTube account was suspended last year but I got it back from my good friend Rien who saved it from YouTube at the time.

The song was released as a bonus track on a compilation CD in 2003 entitled ‘All by myself’.

With lyrics by Kurt Schwabach and Milt Gabler, music by Bert Kaempfert. Dame Shirley Bassey performed this song live at several venues in the early eighties. 

‘Danke schön’ was a huge hit in the sixties for Wayne Newton. He achieved chart success in the US with the single, and the album of the same title. The song also formed part of the soundtrack for the eighties movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

From that same year 2003 I have an interview from Saga magazine with special thanks to Audrey for sending it to us. I hope you enjoy the article and the clip.

To watch the clip CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

One thought on “Danke schön”

  1. Interesting article and a lovely shot on the front page.
    Also a great slideshow to Danke Schön, when was this live version recorded?


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