The Monaco interviews

For this blog I have for you a few interviews (on video and from magazines), that Dame Shirley Bassey gave from her beautiful home in Monte Carlo. We will start today with the video which is from 1999 and an interview for a magazine from 1990 shortly after Shirley moved from Switzerland to Monte Carlo.

Because there are so many pages I will add a page to the blog every day from now, instead of showing them all at once.

Interview from 1990

Interview from 1991

Interview from 1999

For another interesting article from WalesOnline CLICK HERE

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8 thoughts on “The Monaco interviews”

  1. I often hesitate to say what my favorite this or that is by Dame Shirley. She has so many fabulous songs, and performances etc. But I think I can safely say that this interview with er and Nigel is my favorite interview. I never tire of watching it. I smile throughout the whole thing. She is just so adorable. Nigel is great too. Thanks Pieter this is a gem. I can’t wait to read all of the articles too.


  2. Thanks for the daily additions Pieter. I find myself checking the site like I used to check your YT channel during the Imagine series or Graham Norton 2009. YOu are so faithful. Thank you. I can’t wait for the next installment where she answers the question about her children I love her honesty.


  3. Shirley Bassey- A True Justified Star from the caliber of the greats from days gone with class and modesty. Very true in what you posted here Lydia, you can’t actually pen down what’s your favorite by her because there are so many and you’re left questioning yourself if you tried. Lately I’ve been going through the spell of listening to her Neil Sedaka song, “Perfect Strangers”. But then that’ll change to something eles for awhile, and then back again. Her music is timeless and so versatile for any mood. There are a few in modern times that have joined the showbiz ranks like her, because for the most part, they just don’t make them like her anymore- how sad. But how fortunate we’ve been to have experienced Dame Shirley Bassey. I’m sure you’ll agree for her efforts on the world scene, may JAH grant her His “Loyal Love [because] GOD is Love…”.


  4. Good Morning great artist, the blot infinitely luxury SHIRELEY BASSEY is one of the greatest icons of the music world, as well as his unmistakable VOA of BASSEY, Great Singer, Why never came to Brazil with his great show, as always is the United States and Europe, we would like to hear your echoed on Brazilian soil. A big hug fan admired.


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