The Diamond Awards Show -Part 1-

After all the requests and past blogs I think it is time for another concert! I am sure many of you have the DVD ‘Divas are forever’.

But what you probably didn’t know is that there is a Korean version of this DVD which contains the whole concert without interruptions (but with subtitles) and a little more footage then the European version. Today I want to start with the first part of this great concert from the Antwerp Sportpalace in Belgium. Antwerp being the capital Diamond City in the world. The recording of this concert was in 1997 and that is why I also will add some articles from the same year which was also the year of Dame Shirley’s 60th. birthday. The DVD was released in 1998.

For each song Dame Shirley Bassey performs at this concert I will try to add a remix version or the original studio version.

Like many concerts this one also starts with ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Diamonds are forever’.

For the remix version CLICK HERE (Goldfinger-Propellerheads mix) and CLICK HERE (Diamonds are forever-Mantronik diamond cut club mix).

For the video of the concert part 1 click the DVD on the left


One thought on “The Diamond Awards Show -Part 1-”

  1. Thank you so much DSB!! You are the best and you keep getting better and better!! Only you should sing the James Bond themes!

    All the best and may you enjoy continued success!!

    Juan Renta
    Weston, FL


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