John Barry: The Memorial Concert

1970's pic of Shirley.

It’s been announced that ‘John Barry: The Memorial Concert’ is to be held at the Royal Albert Hall.  It will take place on Monday 20th June at a time to be announced.  Dame Shirley is listed as appearing along with David Arnold, Sir Michael Caine and Sir George Martin.  Tickets are available from this friday 8th April at the cost of between £20 – £78.

John Barry was a terrific composer and is remembered for writing some of the theme songs to a number of the James Bond films as well as the scores to many other films.  As we Shirley fans are well aware he was responsible for writing the three Bond songs she sang.  He also co-wrote a song ‘Our Time Is Now’ for her last album ‘The Performance’.  I’m sure it would go down a storm with the audience if she were to sing that one at this memorial concert.  I’m sure it will prove to be a very special concert.

Shirley and John Barry with goldiscs for the sales of ‘Goldfinger’