DSB: Godmother to the Adonia

Yesterday we received this emal from Steve and he wrote:

Just wanted to say what a great job you guys do in keeping us
up-tp-date with all things Bassey.

I found this video on youtube and wasnt sure if you’d seen it or if
someone else has sent it. It not listed now and shows as being

Let me know what you think



Many thanks Steven for bringing this video to our attention!

To watch the video click the picture on the left.

10 thoughts on “DSB: Godmother to the Adonia”

  1. Strange that you can watch this video, Jonas. When I click on it it comes up as ‘this video is private’ and does not show!


  2. I cannot watch it anymore, as well.
    It was wonderful and DSB talked about the honour and about cruising and said that her dream companion on a cruise ship would be John Wayne.


  3. I Have managed to watch the video by clicking on the small picture to the right of the screen. DSB looks amazing. What an honour for her. She deserves it and more.


  4. I am on the late show! I missed this posting but saw it on You Tube yesterday. Dame Shirley is amazing in everything she does. Long Live Dame Shirley


  5. That’s odd, the article refernces a performance of Dame Shirley at Carnegie Hall. It says she will be there just a few days before christening the ship. I know she was there last year, but is she due to go there this year too?


  6. What an honor for Dame Shirley. She was so happy, sounds and looks great. I don’t know about John Wayne, I’d like Robert Mitchum, Sean Connery, Sidney Poitier or Kirk Douglas, etc…LOL!!! Had no problem with video on left, but one on right is XXXX rated. Thanks for your hard work Pieter and Susan.


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