Album commercial for ‘Get the party started’

Today we review the commercial for the 2007 ‘Get The Party Started’- album which was produced by Catherine (Been) Feeney and Nikki Lamborn from Never The Bride, who wrote The Living Tree and lots of other great songs. They are still making music and I have become a fan myself. On Wednesday 14th September I’m looking forward to seeing them live at The Ram Jam Club in Kingston, London for “Wine, Women & Song” which is a monthly night with just the two of them – piano & voice. An up-close and intimate evening in a lovely setting with candlelight, fine wine and beautiful music. Each month features songs from their chosen female artist of the month, who in September will be Dame Shirley Bassey. It would be great if any other fans would like to join myself and some other fans to celebrate DSB and to hear The Living Tree and their new song Tiger Bay, originally written for Shirley. It is a celebration of her life and music and hopefully they will release it for Shirley’s 75th birthday!



2 thoughts on “Album commercial for ‘Get the party started’”

  1. I think Catherine Feeney and Nikki Lamborn did a marvelous job recording Get The Party Started and the totally amazing The Living Tree. They really know how to record DSB’s voice to show it at its very best. I wish they had been able to produce a whole album of new material for the Dame. I think they really re-ignited DSB’s recording career. Who knows, without GTPS or The Living Tree, there would have been no Glastonbury and probably no Performance album. They even took her back into the Top 10 album chart!


  2. That is a great point Ewan. I am so glad they did produce this album for her. GTPS is awesome. Thank you Pieter for the post. I LOVE the 1st. picture in this post. I think it may be in my top 5 favorite pictures. I adore the look of satisfaction on her face. She is just adorable. Love the last article posted here too. I am so glad to read that singing keeps her alive. I love her tenacious spirit. May Dame Shirley live forever! Thanks


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