Album commercial for ‘The performance’

For this blog the last one in the series of album commercials which is the one for the 2009 CD ‘The performance’. I hope you enjoyed them.

Thank you to those who responded to my earlier offer to transfer videos to DVDs. To clarify, I’m happy to pay all postage costs involved and if your video already exists in my collection in better quality it will be the best quality copy I return to you on DVD. This is a labour of love for me and gives so much pleasure to safely preserve these Bassey gems for future generations. If you are worried about sending through the post, I may be able to arrange a pick-up too. Pieter.


To watch the clip click the CD on the left or the right

As a tribute to the great late John Barry you can listen to the song he wrote for the for ‘The performance’,  ‘Our time is now’