Gay Radio Review.

Last night Gay Radio UK presented the second show of a weekly programme featuring Dame Shirley.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to listen to the first show last week but was determined to catch this week’s show.  It goes out live and last night’s edition proved that when instead of ‘If You Go Away’ the song ‘Light My Fire’ which had just been played started to be played again.  I love it when slight mistakes happen as it somehow makes it more realistic.  Essentially a request show I was interested in hearing the choices of other fans.

I think it’s great that a radio station is dedicating a programme to Shirley’s records.  She’s sadly neglected by the mainstream stations and so I hope Bassey fans make this show a success.

It was great to hear some of the recordings again.  I went cold listening to ‘Ballad Of The Sad Young Men’ which is a particular favourite of mine.  Seeing her sing this song live is unbelievable.  Great too was that ‘Born To Sing’ was played (a live recording).  It’s sad that this song is not available on CD.  I doubt very much that the studio version recorded by Towerbell will get a CD release though.  ‘Excuse Me’ was also a great choice and another that is spellbinding when sung live.

The presenter said that the programme would be available for fans in other parts of the world and that details would be given next week.  He also said that once a month in addition to the weekly programme there would be a ‘Top 10’ programme where fans would send in their top 5 Bassey songs and a top 10 would be made up from them.  With Shirley’s 75th birthday approaching early next year this is a great way to start celebrating.  I hope fans will get behind this show and I’m certainly going to listen every week.  I might even send in a request for a song to be played for you all.  If you do want a song playing send your request to