The real Shirley Bassey -Part 1-

Today we have a request made by Paul. Paul wrote: ‘Do you have the channel 4 real live documentary on Shirley that you could post?’

So Paul here is the first part of this documentary from 2001.

Since this documentary is overlooking the whole of Dame Shirley’s life and career I will add some random newspaper clips from over the years.

The newspaper article posted here has a special meaning for me and is from 1982. I remember my partner and I were in England at the time on holiday when this newspaper came out. We had rented a boat to float the Thames river. On a Saturday evening I suddenly saw all these huge posters of Shirley everywhere because the newspaper was coming out on Sunday. We asked everywhere for one of the posters but nobody would give us one until the next day when the newspapers were sold. Later that night the clouds were threatening and it looked like rain and I was afraid all the posters would be ruined. So my partner got out of bed in the middle of the night, while I was sleeping to steal one of the posters for me and he gave it to me when I woke up in the morning. As you can image I was very happy with the poster that you see here and I still have it in perfect condition.

Now for the first part of The Real Shirley Bassey Documentary click the picture on the left .

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