The real Shirley Bassey -Part 4- (Last part)

The casting for the new Shirley Bassey BBC-2 drama was announced recently and is set to concentrate on Shirley’s early career, at which time flamboyant impresario Mike Sullivan was a particularly significant figure.

Starting today I am serialising in 16 parts a set of articles by the late Mike Sullivan, originally published in January 1995, where he gives his side of the Bassey story. A salacious account that The Bassey Blog does not consider to be accurate.
Now seems an appropriate time as material like this has probably been heavily relied upon by writers of the new drama. Dame Shirley closely guards her privacy and TV producers use scandal to get high ratings; this article is likely to set the tone we can expect and a reminder that it should be enjoyed for its entertainment rather than historical value.
It’s a long series that will allow me time to complete the transference of the videos I have already received. It is incredible to be finding and saving great rare footage which will be shared on The Blog. And proving that this is such a worthwhile exercise. Please contact me to discuss your video collection and you will receive everything back on DVD from the best available source.

Click for the last part of The Real Shirley Bassey documentary left

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