‘Born to sing’ on Gay Radio UK.

And today I’d like to play Born To Sing Forever from the 1994 Royal Variety, especially for Graham at Gay Radio UK. The song was to be heard on the show already a few times and I thought it would be nice if it can be viewed as well for once.

Unfortunately as the station is new they don’t seem to have grasped the concept of how internet radio works. It defeats the object of having a stream if it changes from week to week. Lots of us use radio player software so please please get a grip guys, we love the show and are right behind you but listeners will switch off if they are messed around with a haphazard and unclear schedule!

For the video CLICK HERE 

For the studio version CLICK HERE

There's no place like London -cover-a

There's no place like London -cover-backside a

There's no place like London singleBorn To Sing
also entitled
I Was Born To Sing Forever
Written by M. Jouveaux / J.Barnel
English words penned by Norman Newell.

Released in 1986 as B-side of a Towerbell single (A-side: There’s No Place Like London). The recording has never been re-released, but Shirley Bassey has performed the song on some live concerts 1995 on her 40th anniversary world tour.

The original French title of this song was “Mourir Sur Scène”. The song was a great hit in 1983 for Dalida. She was a singer of Italian descent, who raised in Egypt, and was very successful in France and some other countries (born: Yolande Christina Gigliotti). Norman Newell translated this song for her into English, and so she recorded it in English as “Born To Sing” too. Norman Newell wrote English lyrics for a few more of Dalida’s songs, and he was responsible for many hits of Shirley Bassey. Dalida has also recorded this song in Italian and Spanish.

Shirley Bassey & Dalida

On the 1995 video An Audience With Shirley Bassey, she says before this song: “This next song was written for me by my dear friend Norman Newell, who wrote for me many of my hits. And this one is the last one, he wrote for me. Thank You Norman.” As written before, he had not written it for Shirley Bassey originally, but she was obviously referring to the fact, that he remembered this song, and offered it to Shirley Bassey. She brought it back to the audience, because Dalida had died a few years before.

One thought on “‘Born to sing’ on Gay Radio UK.”

  1. Thank you soooo much for that song.
    I already knew Dalida’s version . She also sang it in English but of course her version isn’t as famous as Shirley’s.
    I’ve rediscovered Shirley in january this year and I’ve to say: she’s a marvellous perfomer and singer. Her voice is so powerful and her performances are always stunning.

    I had a question about Dalida and Shirley. Do you know when they met and if they were friends? I know that they met in 1969 because they performed in the same show: “canzonissima”
    They both made a song with Alain Delon.
    I’ve noticed that a few songs are common for both singers: here is a short list^^.
    Dalida: Paroles-paroles -> Dame Shirley: Remember
    Dalida : Dans tes bras -> Dame Shirley: To give (Italian title: Io per lei)
    Dalida: Non andare via -> Dame Shirley: If you go away (French title: ne me quitte pas , originally performed by Jacques Brel).
    Dalida: J’aurai voulu danser -> Dame Shirley: I could have danced all night (from: My fair lady)
    Dalida : amor amor -> Dame Shirley: Amore amore, my love.

    Thank you for this blog. I read it everyday and I discover many things, it’s such a pleasure to read and to listen to 😉


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