Concert for the Ronald McDonald Foundation

In 1992 Dame Shirley Bassey did a charity concert for the Ronald McDonald Foundation at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen (The Netherlands). Here you can listen to that superb concert that was broadcast on Dutch radio only.


1. Medley of Goldfinger/Diamonds are forever;

2. New York medley;

3. Something;

4. Kiss me honey, honey kiss me;

5. Without you;

6. Almost like being in love;

7. Never, never, never;

8. For once in my life;

9. Big spender;

10. Hey Jude;

11. This is my life;

Shirley Bassey, who is also a grandmother, payed a visit to the home for sick children in Utrecht. Second from the left is Pascal Rijnders, head of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund.
In the bar area of the restaurant is a photo gallery with world famous stars who performed at the Kurhaus in the past.
They include Edith Piaf, Jacques Brell, Count Basie, Neil Sedaka, Yves Montand and many more.
And of course there was a beautiful photograph of Dame Shirley Bassey placed high on the wall between other photographs. (Special thanks to Rien)

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2 thoughts on “Concert for the Ronald McDonald Foundation”

  1. so wonderful to hear these broadcasts ….. demonstrates Shirley`s vast performing history and charity work . The songs are familiar but each performance is special in some way . Bravo Shirley!


  2. The richness of this concert and video is overwhelming! Thank you Bassey Blog. What a wonderful concert. I loved the piano interludes.Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.


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