Hot off the press. Tonight saw the broadcast of the “Shirley” TV drama on BBC-2.
A review from DavidB will follow soon, in the meantime the full
episode is here for you to enjoy:

CLICK HERE for part 1

CLICK HERE for part 2

CLICK HERE for part 3

CLICK HERE for part 4 (Last part)


The Guardian

The Independent

The Telegraph

Orange TV Blog

Interview with Ruth Negga about her role in the film

5 thoughts on “Shirley”

  1. I saw Shirley Bassey in the Adelphi Theatre Revue, “Talk of the Town”, in 1955, with Jimmy Edwards and Dave King. It wasn’t the Al Read show, “Such is Life”, as I’ve seen stated. That was a different production at the Adelphi. Nor should it be confused with the Talk of the Town that opened in 1958, having been the old London Hippodrome.


  2. The portrait of a young Shirley Bassey….on average not a bad ‘film’. Performance of Bassey was actually very good….but the whole thing left me wanting more. Too short, too mixed-up (chronologically incorrect)…A 7+ out of 10.


  3. Thank you very much for posting the links to these videos. I am a Canadian Shirley Bassey fan and I do not have the BBC at home. I was hoping someone would upload the movie on the internet. Thank you! Really enjoyed it!


  4. I’ve found the actual programme I bought for that “Talk of the Town” show at the Adelphi in 1955. Unfortunately, Shirley doesn’t appear on it as she was “filling in” for someone else at the time.


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