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For this blog we like to show the duet Shirley did with Neil Diamond from her 1974 BBC-show. It was one of the most commented clips on YouTube. Everybody thought that Shirley was very much in love with Neil but this is the story:

Shirley invited her good friend Soraya Khashoggi to come over to the studio for the recording of the show.

Soraya saw Shirley perform the duet with Neil Diamond on a big screen in the studio and she also thought that Shirley had fallen in love with Neil. She left because she wanted them to have some privacy and the day after the recording Shirley asked Soraya in astonishment why she left the studio so soon. Then Soraya said to Shirley what she thought of the situation and Shirley had to laugh. Her answer was: I was only in love with his diamond necklace” and Neil spend a lonely night in the BBC. canteen.

I have requested this song for Monday’s show on Gay Radio UK.
Thanks for playing last weeks request on the show Graham! (Click on the link to listen)

And now to watch the duet click on the diamond on the left

2 thoughts on “Play me”

  1. Shirley is supremely elegant in that black dress and Neil looks kind of ridiculous in that outfit, so very 1970s, even John Travolta would have said, whoa, dude. Having said that, this must be the greatest duet Shirley ever did. What chemistry!


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