Two Shirleys!!

To watch the video click the picture on the left.


When watching the BBC2 biopic ‘Shirley’ it did cross my mind when Ruth Negga mimed to Shirley just how closely did she copy her hand movements etc.  I knew that at the end when ‘This Is My Life’ was being performed that the setting was taken from Italian TV.  Last week I was sent a video clip that made it possible to compare Ruth and Shirley.  It was obvious from watching it that the BBC and Ruth wanted to get as close to Shirley as possible.  See what you think.  I’ve called it ‘Two Shirleys’.

Special thanks to Pieter for uploading the video for me.

3 thoughts on “Two Shirleys!!”

  1. Hours and hours of studying by the production team and the actress I think – credit where it’s due to all concerned.

    I dont know the date of that Italian broadcast, but it struck me that the large screen at the back with a projection of what appeared to be the live performance as it happened must have been quite a cool piece of kit at the time. Today we take huge plasmas and digitised displays entirely for granted, but back then it must have been quite something! Of course, it may just have been a film projection of an earlier dress rehearsal!


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