Dame Shirley in Cologne.

Dame Shirley attended ‘Lambertz Monday Night’ in Cologne, Germany on 30th January.  Below are some photos taken at the event.  Hope you like them.

13 thoughts on “Dame Shirley in Cologne.”

  1. Dame Shirley look as if she has lost a little weight !

    Still sexy at ………………..29 ? lol…The Dame has always been 29 !


  2. What amazing pictures of our beloved dame.
    why oh why do we not see more of this AMAZING lady in other magazines??
    All you see are wanabe divas and has beens.
    About time they put in the worlds only true DIVA our DSB.


  3. Thank you DavidB. DSB as animated as ever. Do rather wish DSB would occasionally, lift her hem line so that I may have a gander at her shoes!!


  4. OMG!!!! Dame Shirley you have remained so very beautiful, sexy and in shape over the years! I just can’t get enough of listening to you sing. You’re always on point! Your smile I remember first seeing on The Andy Williams Show (1963-64) here in the states. When you hugged him my mom and us kids were proud of you! You are what’s up! David thanks.


  5. I saw her one night in Melbourne after a show and she had had more than a few and she was fabulous. Very friendly to all. Saw her without a few another night and oh boy what a grump (or worse)


  6. SHIRLEY continua linda,sensual e elegante.Um sorriso encantador que nos orgulha de continuar a ouvir e vê-la..


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