Diamond Jubilee Concert.

Dame Shirley has been named as one of the artists to appear in the official concert for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee in June.  The concert will be near the Queen Victoria Memorial with Buckingham Palace as the backdrop.  The concert will have an audience of 10,000 (free tickets allocated randomly from a national ballot) and those who are lucky enough to get one will also attend a picnic in the Buckingham Palace Garden.  The event is a joint venture between the BBC and Gary Barlow.  It will be screened live by the BBC and highlights will be screened in the US the following day by ABC.  Sir Tom Jones, Sir Elton John and Sir Cliff Richard have also been announced as appearing along with other artists.

Dame Shirley in concert.

18 thoughts on “Diamond Jubilee Concert.”

  1. It’s only natural that Dame Shirley is a confirmed performer. She is one of the Queen’s favorites. Great news. Really look forward to this event.


  2. Thanks for this great news. I knew they could not have a celebration and not include Dame Shirley. She is showbiz royalty. I look forward to the broadcast as well!!!! And the coverage by this blog. Long live Dame Shirley!


  3. What songs will she be singing? I hope it’s Get The Party Started, History Repeating or any of the songs from The Performance. No more Goldfinger please.


  4. I listened to the BBC radio 2 interview today with Gary Barlow and the concert is going to have stars from over the last 60 years.. (from each decade) Dame Shirley is from one of the first decades so She may pick something from the early years…. who knows? Whatever She sings, be it Goldfinger or Diamonds she will deliver a fantastic performance, It is just wonderful that this great Lady is still able to perform and entertain like she does….. Tickets are hard to get for this concert, you have to apply and keep your fingers crossed….


  5. they said that about the golden jubilee but it was more mixed than that and it was wonderful when Shirley accompanied the royal family onto the stage at the end. I would like to hear `THIS IS MY LIFE` but I think `diamonds are forever ` is a big contender but `thank you for the years` would be appropriate. WHATEVER it is we will all be so proud that DSB is centre stage and millions of people will be watching. Who knows shirley may surprise everyone and sing something new.


  6. As with all who have made a comment , this indeed is wonderful news. I suspect that DSB will have to sing “Goldfinger”, it being HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee. I just wonder, and there is some precedent: I was in attendance when Miss Mary Martin sang, at the end of her performance, “Hello Dolly”, to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mum. And then Maurice Chevalier sang directly to HRH Queen Mum, “Thank Heaven For Little Girls”. And the DSB sang, on the occasion or HRH Prince Philip’s 80th birthday, directly to him, “Big Spender”. So the precedent is established. I wonder if HRH Queen Elizabeth 11 would permit DSB to sing directly to her, (We), “Thank You For The Years”.

    Thank you


  7. I do hope the BBC will stream the concert live on the internet. That I will watch. I have no desire to see the chopped and screwed version they will air in the US….


  8. It will undoubtedly be streamed live by BBC Television, but “rights” wouldnt allow you to watch outside the UK. However, it will also be broadcast and streamed live by BBC Radio 2 – and as far as I know, apart from some live sports commentary, most BBC Radio broadcasts are available worldwide via the web. So perhaps it’s not ALL bad news.

    ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Thank You For The Years’ please your Dameship!


  9. Dear Dean, I stand corrected. My little grey cells were all caught up in the excitment. Dean, will you personally take me to The Tower?? I do h0pe I have not offended. Least DSM will be able to wear some of her beautiful diamonds.


  10. Dame Shirley is one of my favorite entertainers of all time. I look forward to seeing her. May she continue to grace us with her extraordinary talent.


  11. If I get the pair of tickets in the ballot I have to name my guest and being single I will have to choose. The event will be special for so many reasons but there will be another reason as it will be 40 years,almost to the week, when I saw Shirley in concert for the first time near to the palace at the Royal Albert Hall. If I am there or watching at home, I will stand and applaud this enduring, accomplished artist who has given so much to so many. Her inclusion in this event will be the real `jewel in the crown` of a historical performance to salute the finest monarch the world has known ,H M Queen Elizabeth.


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