Astrid’s Simply Bassey #179

This week for Adam  I’m playing the version “Goldfinger” from the live Albun  Japan 1977, he writes: I would be very grateful if you could upload goldfinger from “Live In Japan 77”. This is one of the only recorded versions i’ve never heard besides her performance of it on the Mike Douglas show and the entire performance in this clip: Thanks in advance!

Thanks to Neil for the nice photos.



6 thoughts on “Astrid’s Simply Bassey #179”

  1. Hello from Belgium everyone,

    I’m a certainly the greatest Belgian shirley’s fan and please accept all my apoligies for my english, not yet perfect.
    I saw the Dame 7 times,i’m only 30, but pleaaaaaase, enough is enough with “goldfffffiiiinger”, every versions are great but she’s so many other things than a james bond theme………….;
    Didn’t you remember judy garland, that’s the same, forgot a while “somwhere over the rainbow” and let the lady sings what she wants !!! even if as like you “fans” i really hope other things than “goooold…..” in June 12.
    So let’s see whats happenend and let choose rarer songs for astrid reply like “runaway” by the way
    All my sympathy for shirley’s admirer, i don’t like the word “fan” LOL


  2. Thank you. It really is Dame Shirley at her exciting best; in concert.
    And what an orchestra. I’m wondering, as I’ve tried to locate a complete copy of this 1977 concert, if at some time we might be able to hear the concert in its entirety. Or is it available to purchase?
    This is a brilliant site and always a treat to see and hear wonderful performances. Much appreciated. Steven


  3. Thank you so much! This performance is even better than her performance from the original Live In Japan. Great audio quality too!


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