BBC commercial for the Electric Proms

For today’s Video Show Case the BBC commercial for the Roundhouse Electric Proms from 2009.
(Special thanks to Susan for the video)

[REMIX] Diana Ross vs Shirley Bassey – A Nice Man? Discobody! (GeeJay2001 Mashup)

Mashup is dedicated to Mr. John O. Valavanis aka Discobody

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‘Shirley’ to be released!

Cover Image

The Bassey Blog has been reliably informed that the planned 3 CD set ‘Shirley’ due for release to celebrate Dame Shirley’s 75th Birthday is to be issued.  Dame Shirley has now approved the whole set.  Although no date has been announced it will probably be around June when it is available.

Everything will be the same as originally intended with 2 CDs containing studio tracks and the 3rd CD a complete ‘live’ recording of the 1973 concert from the Royal Albert Hall.  Unreleased and tracks new to CD are included and this will be a terrific set for fans.

‘Runaway’ is a welcome addition to CD availability and also the Italian version of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’.  The set has been remastered by Richard Moore and hearing some of Richard’s previous work (particularly with Matt Monro tracks) then I’m sure the sound quality will be first class.  The project was masterminded by Martyn Daye.   I know both Martyn and Richard put a lot of work into this project and we owe them a big thank you.   A very special big thank you must go to Dame Shirley for approving it’s release.  I am certainly looking forward to getting this set.  I particularly love many of the tracks that have been chosen for it.  I’ve listened to some of the unreleased songs sung by other artists and imagined how they will be interpretated by Shirley.  Hopefully it will not be too long before I find out.

Let’s make this release a great success and celebrate Dame Shirley’s long and hugely successful career.  I’m sure fans will welcome this great news.

[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – Moonraker (2SQRDs DubLanding Re-Work)

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