Duets # 2

For today’s blog the duet Shirley Bassey did with Anthony Newley on his show in 1961. They did a duet of their best known songs. Below some newspaper articles from that same year. Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse wrote the words for ‘Goldfinger’.

Anthony Newley died on April 14th 1999 of cancer. He had been a composer, actor, director and singer. He wrote the musical show “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off” with Leslie Bricusse from which Shirley performed the songs “Typically English” and “Once In A Lifetime”.

It is said that neither Newley nor Bricusse could read or write music, so what they did was hum and sing into a tape recorder, and then take the tapes to their musical friend, Ian Fraser, who wrote it all down. Anthony Newley said in an interview: “You could say that Newley did the music and Leslie did the lyrics. The only time we both did lyrics together was on STOP THE WORLD.”

Anthony Newley was married to actress Joan Collins from 1963 till 1970.

Shirley Bassey Anthony Newley Joan Collins Hollywood 1966

For the video click left 

2 thoughts on “Duets # 2”

  1. It’s amazing to see how generous Anthony Newley was by giving Shirley the opportunity to shine on HIS show. A very nice man.


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