‘Born To Sing’ on CD.

Dame Shirley’s version of the song ‘Born To Sing’ has been released on CD for the very first time.  The song is featured on a double CD by Dalida entitled ‘Depuis Qu’Elle Est Partie’ and is available from Amazon France.  The price is €15.99 plus postage.  There are three versions of the song on this set and Shirley’s is one of them.  This song was originally released as the ‘B’ side to ‘There’s No Place Like London’ on the Towerbell label.  I have no idea if this has been taken from vinyl as it is believed the master tapes are lost but Dean, a big fan of Dame Shirley’s, has told us that the quality of the recording is very good.  I have not heard it myself as yet but I have ordered a copy of the CD set and hopefully it will arrive shortly.  It is very doubtful if this song will appear on CD again.

An early photo of Shirley


Shirley and Dalida.

Many thanks to Dean for the information regarding the release of the CD set.