Astrid’s Simply Bassey #183

Today I am presenting something that many of you may not have heard. Special thanks to Andre Boon for providing the vinyl of a version of If I Should Love Again, different from that commonly released on CD.

Thank you to Bob Fortunato for making the suggestion and also for his kind comments.

If I Should Love Again – CD Version

If I Should Love Again – Single Version

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[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – The Living Tree (Stuart Crichton Mix)

This version of The Living Tree really shows off the power of Dame Shirley Bassey’s vocals!

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Dame Shirley Attends Sir Billi Screening (Updated with Video)

More photos of the screening are available on Sir Billi Facebook Page. Listen to sample of Dame Shirley Bassey singing “The Guardian” below:

Sir Billi.

Dame Shirley will be attending what in effect will be the world premiere of the film ‘Sir Billi’ on Friday evening (13th April).  It will take place at the Sonoma International Film festival in the USA.  Sean Connery is also expected to attend.  We will bring you any information and photos of the event as soon as any are released.

Unfortunately at present I am not aware of any dates for a screening here in the UK.  There is also no information if and when the soundtrack will be released or if the theme song which Dame Shirley has recorded will be made available to download.  We will keep you posted if we hear anything official.

UPDATE:  I have been informed that Sir Sean Connery will not be attending.