With These Hands

Today we go back to a previous duet which is the duet from 1961 with Anthony Newley. Michel from Ohio sent us a DVD of the whole Anthony Newley show. Dame Shirley sang another song on the show: a wonderful rendition of ‘With these hands’.

The video of the Anthony Newly duet on the former blog was not complete and I now have posted the extended version of the duet.

 The extendet version of the duet.


‘With these hands’ sheet music

(Special thanks to Andre for the sheet music)

4 thoughts on “With These Hands”

  1. I could really feel the warmth of Shirley’s voice as she sang “With these hands.” Looking absolutely lovely. Interesting story, too, how Shirley records barefooted in a studio. Was The Performance CD recorded without shoes? As I recall from the IMAGINE program, Dame Shirley was wearing flats. Anyhow, thanks for sharing Pieter, and Andre.


  2. I have no words. Awesome is not even enough. I simply love this lady and her work. Would you post this on YouTube?


  3. This is great – it is good to see some early Shirley and singing with such beauty and conviction. A true star then and look what followed!


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