Simply Bassey #186

For my blog this week I am fulfilling a request for Philip Gundill who asked that I play “I Just Have To Breathe” from the 2003 album Thank You For The Years, “For no special reason than to hear Shirley’s superb voice control.” I hope you enjoy it.


There are things that I did long ago
That I don’t do anymore
We grow out of things
Each day is different than the day before
And yet to love you
I just have to breathe

There are needs we have when we are young
And discard as we mature
Time can change so much
The only certain thing is nothing’s sure
And yet to love you
I just have to breathe

It’s not an easy place
This world we face
But I’ll face anything
As long as that warm morning sun
Will always bring me you

There’s a time for everything we do
When it’s over we move on
Just true love remains
And I’ll still love you when all else is gone
For me to love you
I just have to breathe

In this world where nothing stays the same
Stay with me

I Just Have To Breathe