‘Shirley’ CD Set – Update

Many fans have been asking what has happened to the 3 CD Set ‘Shirley’ that EMI were to release to celebrate Dame Shirley’s 75th Birthday in January.  At first Dame Shirley blocked the release but after hearing the set she approved it and fans were hoping that it would get an early release.

It appears that the release is once again on hold due to the objection of Capitol Records in the USA.  They have objected to the inclusion of the ‘live’ album.  Although part of the EMI company they are not giving permission for it to be released.  I cannot for the life of me understand why two departments of the same company cannot work together.  When was the last time Capitol Records showed any interest in Dame Shirley and release anything by her?  Once again EMI seem to be treating Dame Shirley’s fans with contempt.  Cilla Black has had a 5 CD set released including DVD.  What do Bassey fans get – rehash after rehash!  EMI and the BBC were reported to be working together so why has there been no DVDs released along with CDs?  Why is she constantly neglected?   EMI released nothing when she celebrated her 60th Birthday, nor when she celebrated 50 years in show business nor for her 70th Birthday.  BGO wanted to release ‘Live In Japan’77’ but have been refused by EMI and also there are the Italian recordings that need to be released on CD.  If the tapes cannot be traced then why not transfer them from vinyl.  May not be perfect but at least the fans get them.  Her appearance at Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Concert showed the world that she can still knock the spots off many artists.  EMI and Capital should get their act together and give her the attention she truely deserves.

Dame Shirley will have been in the business for 60 years in 2013.  I feel she gets totally ignored by the record companies who have recordings by her.  Once they are out of copyright then they get released numerous times on different labels and Dame Shirley probably never gets any royalties.  Other artists get beautiful sets released on special occasions.  Dame Shirley gets nothing!

While on about old tracks being reissued there is a 4 CD set due to be released on Real Gone Music label on 26th June.  It contains both Philips and Columbia tracks – all I believe to be out of copyright.  The title is ‘Five Classic Albums Plus’ and is available for pre-order on Amazon.co.uk at £5.58.  There are 85 songs in total.  I cannot comment on the quality but it’s something for the collectors.  It’s a shame it’s the same songs over again.  I’ve obviously got it on order – I still buy them all.

‘Five Classic Albums Plus’ Cover

For a complete list of the tracks included on this set CLICK HERE.

Dame Shirley Bassey to sing next Bond theme?

Thanks to Stuart who wrote to us about a new campaign that has been created on Facebook “With Goldfinger (1964), Diamonds Are Forever (1971) and Moonraker (1979), its time for another Miss Bassey Bond theme. After all, nobody does it better….”

Here is Bassey’s version of You Only Live Twice to reinforce that point


Adele is tipped for the next movie Skyfall, and the attraction is clear to see on her impeccable Live At The Royal Albert Hall DVD. If only we had the whole of Bassey’s pinnacle televised concert there on DVD!!

Or an even better idea, Dame Shirley could perform one of Adele’s hit songs as part of her Diamond Jubilee World Tour 2013, like Celine Dion did this week in Las Vegas!

[REMIX] “reLight my Fire” – Shirley Bassey vs. Timo Mass vs. Suhov (Applejux easy edit)

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