Simply Bassey #187 – Get The Diamond Jubilee Party Started

Amid rumours that Dame Shirley Bassey will be opening the star-studded concert on Monday atop of Buckingham Palace in Brian May style singing Diamonds Are Forever, here’s the original and best version of Get The Party Started to get us all in the mood to celebrate!

We’re expecting lots more visitors to the Blog in the next few days so a warm welcome to anyone who is here for the first time. I am now going to give an unashamed plug to DSB’s Get The Party Started album…

If you don’t already have the album, click here to download direct from the independent label. Producers of the album, Catherine and Nikki from Never The Bride have landed safely in New York and will no doubt be visiting some of Dame Shirley’s old haunts like Carnegie Hall during their trip. I encourage anyone in NYC to go and see them live and report back to the Blog with any DSB secrets they may give away. I have heard they will be doing their own (I’m sure unique) version of Get The Party Started as well as The Living Tree!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Diamond Jubilee Weekend