Duets # 11

This Video Show Case features the 4th. and last duet from the 1968 Shirley Bassey Show. Shirley doing a duet with Jimmy Durante who wrote “One of those songs”. I hope you all enjoyed these great duets from this USA show. Both Ed and I are very happy that we retrieved the video of this show as we had never seen them before but only heard the audio of it. Often wondered what they would be like, hearing the audio and it was a real treat to be able to see them after all these years and I find them the best of all the duets I have seen. Shirley being in great shape, great voice, very funny and an amazing timing.

12 Of Those Songs 
Album 1968: 
EMI/Columbia England

“12 of those songs” seems to have been recorded in 1965/1966. Shirley Bassey left EMI in 1966 and signed with United Artists. In Autumn 1966 she had already released “I’ve Got A Song For You” as her debut album for the United Artists label and then in 1967 “And We Were Lovers”. In 1968, when this EMI album was released she was already preparing the next album on United Artists, it is therefore very unlikely that she returned to EMI’s studios to make an additional album with them in 1968. On the track Moon River on some collections you can even see the publishing year printed as 1965, and for A House Is Not A Home 1966 is stated as the recording year.


We received the following message from Mike

Hi. Loving the video coverage currently being shown with Shirley and Noel Harrisson. Any chance we can see the entire show? I have never seen it before.  Keep up the great work.  Best wishes, Mike.

Thanks Mike. Yes, after the duets are finished the whole 1968 USA Shirley Bassey Show will be shown on the blog.

And now for the video click left

2 thoughts on “Duets # 11”

  1. I’m sorry…the gown Shirley is wearing is far too revealing for TV. Some of her gowns are not family-friendly for television. Great duet!!


  2. This is golden! What a great duet! It takes real real talent to duet with a soloist like Durante! This is a pleasure to see.


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