DSB at the Diamond Jubilee

For everybody who has not been able to watch it on TV. Here is Dame Shirley at the Diamond Jubilee! Looking and sounding fabulous. Unfortunately we only got one song: ‘Diamonds are forever’.

Dame Shirley Bassey meeting the Queen after the Jubilee Concert

And a video of Dame Shirley meeting the Queen after the show

20 thoughts on “DSB at the Diamond Jubilee”

  1. Dame Shrley is a great fashionista. She wore the hot color right now: White. Fabulous gown for this memorable occasion. The concert went by far too quickly.


  2. She defies every law of nature – unbelievable!!!! What a VOICE, wat a BEAUTY! Sounds and looks better than ever! Brava!


  3. Great outfit, marvellous showmanship……she looked great! Was the Queen already in attendance when Dame Shirley sang? I thought I saw her applauding.


  4. Long Live Dame Shirley!!!!! I just LOVE her!!!!! She looks absolutely exquisite here!!!!! I love the fact that she has her sleeveless sheath dress on. The chiffon arms are so gorgeous. Sleeveless is her visual trademark. And then she opened her mouth to grace us with her golden voice. Just beautiful!!! Thank you so much for posting this. I can never get enough of Dame Shirley, and would have loved more, but I am grateful that she is healthy, sassy and strong and gifted us with one song. What a vision she is in this outfit!!!! Smashing!


  5. Oh wow! the sleeves seem to be diamond encrusted! How cool is that! Her jewelry is really popping!!! I don’t know if I have ever seen her perform with such a large ring. Beautiful and so regal. She just looks and sounds like a dream. It brings tears to my eyes. May she live forever!!!


  6. Marvellous, Shirley as always the Dame never lets us down she looked wonderful – but its a shame they cut her down to only one song and of course it had to be Diamonds are for Ever..its a pity that it wasnt on a Saturday then she could have picked – Get this Party Started…but never the less it was a wonderful show with a true Diamond in the presence of Her Majesty…namely Dame Shirley!


  7. lovely to see Dame Shirley. I was disapointed she only sang one song , they could have made it two. Watching on TV I did feel that this was not as incredible as some of her gala appearances in recent times but still the best pop artist. I thought Tom Jones Spanish style `Delilah` was really good. The fireworks etc were superb. I REALLY DISLIKED Elton John, Jessie J,Stevie Wonder, Cliff Richard and Paul McCartney and the feeble attempts at humour and continuity. they could have shown footage of the Queen`s life whilst the changes were happening. Loved the Jubilee song and Lang Lang, Renee Fleming and Alfie Boe


  8. Once again a perfect performance from Dame Shirley. The minute she graced the stage her elegance her beauty and then her voice shone through it was polished indeed. Not enough of her; we all wanted more but she didn’t fail and gave us what we come to expect … sheer brilliance!


  9. Caption for the final photo above:

    “Ahh .. Shirley. Look – one’s been practising the hand movements but one doesn’t seem to have quite mastered them as yet.”


  10. David, that’s a good one 🙂 This would be my caption for the final:

    “Shirley, I know this great club downtown where one goes to let one’s hair down. Would you all care to join me? The gin and tonic’s on me.”


  11. DSB should have been given at least 3 songs,,, she is awesome…still has that powerful voice and presence…..other than the Queen ,,, she is the Diamond Jubilee,,, you rock Shirley


  12. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the highlights of the concert on t.v. until Tuesday evening, which was horribly cut down here in the United States, hosted by Katie Couric. Fabulous gala indeed, and of course alittle upsetting that Britain’s greatest female vocalist was completely cut out of the Katie Couric airing of the show. Agree indeed I do with some of the other commentators here, Shirley Bassey was in top form as usual, but a let down that she only performed one appropiate song for the occassion. After all she’s their greatest female vocalist and has been in the business about 60 years herself. Bassey blog thanks for the behind the scenes meeting of the performers with The Queen.


  13. In Canada I too was vexed as our coverage did not include Dame Shirley. Not even a glimpse in the finale. So an especial thank you for allowing me to watch. Again, a great shame that Dame Shirley was only given the chance to perform one song.


  14. As always super. Pitty for that one song. Dame Shirley is and stays the first lady of songs. Incomparable. Thanks Pieter


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