[REMIX] “reLight my Fire” – Shirley Bassey vs. Timo Mass vs. Suhov (Applejux easy edit)

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3 thoughts on “[REMIX] “reLight my Fire” – Shirley Bassey vs. Timo Mass vs. Suhov (Applejux easy edit)”

  1. Very Cool ‘tho Not Enough Bassey!!!!!!! At first, I thought-“this is going to be Hot”…sadly not. ‘Not because of Bassey but the instrumental became very repetitious & a bit boring…Shirley Bassey is One of a Kind, she’s one of the most Exciting Performers Ever!!! Shirley Has A FANTASTIC, RICH & UNIQUE VOICE!!! There’ll Never Be Another Bassey..”It’s Impossible”!!!


  2. True to the comment of Monica, it was alittle heavy on the instrumental, and not enough of the Dame, but I have to say I really did enjoy it. This is another song of Bassey’s that I wasn’t crazy about, but always found it pleasant enough to listen to. However this remix has renewed my interest in the song. I really dug the grooves. Another good remix that didn’t tarnish the Bassey calibur- as so many do. Thank you Bassey Blog for another hit!


    1. Emmit, I Love the Dame & have for four decades!! Actually, anything with her voice on it, is Spot On with me!! That’s why I would have loved to hear More of her on this particular track…The rhythm section kicked it/ ‘excellent musicians but as I said prior, I would have enjoyed a little more imagination (arrangement) & A LOT MORE BASSEY!!! Regardless of my critique, There Is No One That Compares With Dame Shirley Bassey-She’s TOP DRAWER!!!!!!!!!


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